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Sinai Synagogue 100 Club

100 people pay an amount each year to be members and, in return, they have the chance to win monthly prizes. In the period the 100 Club has been running, it has raised thousands of pounds which has been invested in the education, community and religious life of Sinai.

Membership is restricted to 100 people and is only open to those who are paying for membership of Sinai. There are two monthly prizes of £100 and £50 and four quarterly prizes of £250.

The cost of membership is just £80 for the year. We are encouraging people to pay their subscription to the Club by Standing Order (SO) quarterly at, of course, £20 per quarter. Membership is, of course, restricted 100 people and we already have a number of people in the club. This really is one of the easiest, and most fun, ways to support your community.

Please contact the office for an application and then complete theDirect Debit form

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