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Click below to view a PDF of the Articles of Association for Sinai Synagogue, Leeds.   Last updated in May 2017.


As we all know, Sinai faces potentially big changes in its (already more than 70 year old!) story as we begin the process of looking for our next rabbi, and in the interim, move forward as a community. Changes like this can be disconcerting, sad and uncomfortable, particularly when it’s not of our choosing, but it’s also a wonderful time to reflect on and imagine our new future, and a real opportunity right now for us all to seize the chance for each of us to play our part in getting there.

Joining Sinai

Membership at Sinai is open to any Jew (as defined by the Reform Judaism Beth Din) over the age of 18.  There is an annually-agreed subscription fee but help with this can be available if necessary.  If you want to talk through any aspect of the form contact a member of the membership group on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Direct Debit

Paying Membership Subscriptions by Direct Debit

Paying your Sinai membership subscription by Direct Debit saves on costs and makes our administration more efficient.


Many communal organisations are looking at their security needs and the requirement for voluntary assistance to cover duties. At Sinai it is every members responsibility to play their part in the security of our community and this is an historic requirement and fulfilment within the Jewish community.

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