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I am honoured to have been trusted to serve again as Sinai chair at such a challenging time and thank our members for the faith your have shown in me.  

Professionally I am a business and solutions consultant for the world's largest provider of self-service banking technology. I grew up in the Reform Movement, moving from North London to Leeds in 1999 and have been in involved in multiple aspects of Sinai life ever since.  I have also served as a board member of the Movement for Reform Judaism, holding the Jeneration (Students) portfolio and represented the movement as a vice-president of the European Union for Progressive Judaism, on the Board of Deputies and as a delegate to the World Union for Progressive Judaism.  At Sinai,  I act as a warden, l’Chaim facilitator and teach students to prepare for Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  

This next year will require us to focus on recruiting our new rabbi, continuing to develop our vision for the type of Reform Synagogue we want Sinai to be, and delivering the next part of our financial plan to ensure long term sustainability. 

I look forward to working with the entire congregation.

For those interested I have added my address to the AGM on 9th May 2018 below.

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