Gateways into Judaism

Sunday, 28th February 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Booking ends on Monday, 28th February at 3:30pm

A journey together looking back at Jewish history as it fits within human history and discovering together how each of our key texts, rituals, and object have all been part of a clear, logical, and perhaps even beautiful response to the realities of the moment.

We will begin with Gateways into Jewish Thought where we focus on our sacred texts and then in the late winter/early spring will move into the ritual objects within our tradition.

Much of our Jewish education focuses around “what.”

“What is the Torah, and what does it say?”

“What is the Talmud, and what is its importance for Progressive Jews today?”

Even, “What is a tallit,” or “What are tefillin?”

But perhaps the more important questions are “why,” “how,” and even “who.”

“Why does the Torah exist, and how did it come to be, not only as a document, but one of such importance? Who is responsible for writing and editing it, and why? What did they hope to gain and what purpose did is serve at the time?

Why is that purpose still relevant and if not, how do we maintain relevance?”

These questions can be asked for all sacred writing and object within Judaism, for the Torah, Talmud, Zohar, Shulkhan Aruch and even our Reform Siddur to Tallitot, Kippot, Shabbat candles, and Tefillin.

The classes are scheduled to run on Sundays from 15:30 to 17:00, although my classes nearly always run later because the discussion is so much fun!

Next series events

The series of events starts on Sunday, 25th October and ends on Sunday, 13th June.