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Book Group

The Book Group back! 

Chavurah Suppers

A warm and inclusive Friday Night Dinner experience!

Here at Sinai we believe that a family that eats together, stays together. Chavurah means an informal meeting or gathering of friends, and that's exactly what our Friday Night Dinners are about - inviting all our friends and extended Sinai family to share in a special tradition.

Chevrah Kadisha

The Chevrah Kadisha (Holy Society) continues to work quietly performing a very important mitzvah for the community, preparing bodies for burial in keeping with our Jewish tradition.

Chutzpah Social Group

Moved to Leeds for work or your studies?....New to Leeds, or been here for a while?..... A few like-minded friends have set up a new social group in Leeds. The idea is a place for all inclinations to get together and have fun with events such as Pub quizzes, bowling, veggie food bring and share, game nights etc. etc. Ask to join the Chutzpah Facebook group.


Connexions is otherwise known as Sinai’s welfare team responsible for care and well-being across the community. We do lots of things to support members, including:

Embroidery Group

A dedicated team of helpers under the guidance of our stalwart member Maxine Brown has been active over several years making wall hangings and other items to embellish our synagogue space. We are currently working on repairing and updating cushions for chairs on the sanctuary bimah.

Israeli Dancing - LIDO

Israeli Dancing at Sinai is on most Wednesdays from 8pm.  We won't be responsible if your toes start tapping and you feel the need to move it! 

Kiddush Team

We all appreciate a good fress (bite to eat!) after the service and we are really grateful to the team of volunteers who prepare this for us. 

Knitting Group

This group has been running for over a year, meeting in the evenings on a fortnightly basis in members’ homes.  It is a chance to meet socially and chat whilst producing a variety of fun garments, from adultwear to children’s clothing to stuffed animals.  

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