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Human Rights, a talk by Jon Beech, Director of LASSN

My name is Jon Beech

I'm Director of the Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network or LASSN as it is known.

I've been invited to talk today about human rights.

High Holy Day Appeal

“Community, being part of a Jewish people, can make a difference in a person’s healing process. Belonging to a group carries with it a sense of mattering, of being someone other than a patient with a diagnosis, a label” Rabi Dayle Friedman

This year, Sinai is supporting 3 charities, which means each one will receive a greater share of the total raised. All three share a focus - strengthening and supporting the Jewish community – Leeds Jewish Welfare Board, Donisthorpe Hall and an initiative led by our own Reform Judaism.

WYDAN (W Yorks. Destitute Asylum Network) winter shelter

HHD Appeal - Donate

Hillel used to say, the more tzedakah, the more shalom.  So create shalom, please donate now at

HHD Appeal - Nominations

Nominations are closed for this year, 5779/2018. Watch this space for requests for nominations for 5780/2019.

What is social action?

Social action is a core value and is at the heart of Sinai Synagogue. It includes caring for and about Sinai's individual members and the Synagogue itself.

Practical activities

Social action is an aspect of Jewish life in which everyone can participate, and many Sinai members already do.


We encourage campaigning for causes dear to our members and cover a wide range of causes.

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