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Night Shelter for destitute asylum seekers

 Every year for one week, Sinai hosts a night shelter for destitute asylum seekers. This year our week is in December.  

What is social action?

Social action is a core value and is at the heart of Sinai Synagogue. It includes caring for and about Sinai's individual members and the Synagogue itself.

Practical activities

Social action is an aspect of Jewish life in which everyone can participate, and many Sinai members already do.

Tikkun Olam

Sinai receives more requests to support charities than we possibly can help with our community High Holy Day Appeal but individual members may want to help particular charities by personal donations or arranging fundraising activities. For example, do you know about Leket Israel?

WYDAN (W Yorks. Destitute Asylum Network) winter shelter

Human Rights (transcript) by Jon Beech, Director of LASSN

My name is Jon Beech

I'm Director of the Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network or LASSN as it is known.


We encourage campaigning for causes dear to our members and cover a wide range of causes.

Charitable giving

The main focus of charitable giving is the annual High Holy Day Appeal and aims to engage the entire community. 

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