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Tikkun Olam

Sinai receives more requests to support charities than we possibly can help with our community High Holy Day Appeal but individual members may want to help particular charities by personal donations or arranging fundraising activities. For example, do you know about Leket Israel?

In 2018, Leket Israel rescued an amazing 2,200,000 hot and nutritious meals and 15,000 tons of agricultural produce that would have otherwise become environment and economic waste. The fresh fruits and vegetables are rescued through partnerships with over 600 farmers around the country.  All the food that Leket Israel rescues – both cooked food and fresh produce is redistributed to 175,000+ needy Israelis each week, through a network of 200 non-profit organisations.
In 2019-20, Leket Israel aims to continue to increase the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables – an integral ingredient of any healthy diet -  to Israel's needy. The quantities rescued are simply a function of budget. They need more funds to rescue more fresh and healthy produce and redistribute it to even more needy families.
The cost of supplying a family of 4 with sufficient quantities of fruits and vegetables for an entire year  is only £180. (Quantities advised by the Ministry of Health)
You can see more about this very important project on youtube Project Leket.\
and their website is


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