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Tony Bryant

I have been a member of Sinai for nearly 40 years, and a warden for 20+ years. I grew up in London, the child of founder members of Belsize Square Synagogue, where I celebrated my Bar Mitzvah many years ago.

I was part of the Executive at Sinai more than 20 years ago, initially during the interregnum when we were without a Rabbi, latterly as we recruited a new one.

I believe that Sinai Synagogue has an important role to play, both within the Leeds Jewish community and as part of Progressive Judaism in the UK. Within Sinai itself we have a wealth of experience and expertise that can be called upon for religious and community activities, and these need to be harnessed effectively, encouraging the entire membership to feel confident and able to participate.

One of our most pressing needs at present is how we move into the challenging context of the next phase of the pandemic. We need to consider safe and effective ways of establishing services in the synagogue, offering support and guidance to one another in these uncertain times, and ensuring that the congregation thrives as an inclusive and progressive Jewish community.