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From the Chair

Judaism's highest commandment is pikuach nefesh: saving a soul. We also hold dear the principle of dina d'malkhuta dina: the law of the land is the law. With these key principles in mind, and following the government's announcement yesterday evening, we have now advised all our staff, and office volunteers, to stop coming into the synagogue.

Again following the government's advice, we will still be streaming Shabbat services, but the only people who will enter the building will be the Rabbi and Katrin.

All our staff are now working from home. I spoke with them all on Tuesday and remain in awe of the way they are making efforts above and beyond to ensure that Sinai is brought into your homes. They are an exceptional group of people and are a key part of why Sinai is regarded with such respect within our community, city, Reform Judaism and across the country.

So make sure you are not missing out on the raft of opportunities to stay connected with what is happening:

- you can follow Shabbat services (18:30 on Friday and 10:30 on Saturday) on;

- you can access a huge range of resources, Sinai created and  from others, through our brand new website page; and

- you can also get up-to-date videos, and previously recorded videos (some real blasts from the past!) on our YouTube channel:

Stay home. Be well. And keep healthy.

David J Israel

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