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From the Chair

Judaism's highest commandment is pikuach nefesh: saving a soul. We also hold dear the principle of dina d'malkhuta dina: the law of the land is the law. With these key principles in mind, and following the government's announcement yesterday evening, we have now advised all our staff, and office volunteers, to stop coming into the synagogue.

Updated Message about Covid-19 (Corona virus)

It is now the right time for Sinai, as a community, to move to the next phase of protecting us all. As such, we will now be closing the Synagogue to all but essential staff, and occasional volunteer presence.

Message about Covid-19 (Corona virus)

Trustees are conscious of the constantly developing news around Covid-19 and can imagine that for some of our members the virus is causing concern. Along with the Rabbi, we had a long and informed discussion about how to respond at last night's board meeting.


Did you know that one of the most needed items for refugees in need is often the least donated? That's why JCORE is relaunching their annual #Pants4Purim campaign.

Sinai at Chagigah 2018

The biennial conference of British Reform Judaism took place once again in Nottingham. 

Sinai was well represented by both lay and professional leaders, and families, who enjoyed the sessions focusing on synagogue transformation and what it means to be a Reform Jewish community in twenty-first century Britain.

The weekend was rounded off with a big screen showing of the England vs Panama match - a fabulous way to end a successful weekend!

More info here

Jewish Meditation at Sinai

Since April 2018, we have been leading a Shabbat pre-service guided Jewish meditation for all those wishing to experience a bit more of a spiritual "shabbat menucha".


Rabbi Paul Strasko is the new rabbi at Sinai!

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