I am starting a group for anyone who has converted through Sinai, either recently or many moons ago, I am hoping you will be interested in joining some sessions throughout this year.

The sessions are a social event, free and focus on getting together as a post conversion group. We’ll chat about our individual journeys and stories, how we are feeling, where we are as Jews and what support and answers, we can find together as a group.

I have put together themes that we can use for each session over the next 12 months. However, they will be very informal, and group led. There will also be some guest speakers to some of the sessions come along: you can just pop-in for short while or stay as long as you like. There will be tea, coffee or wine!

The sessions are on the first Wednesday of each month, 19:00 - 21:00, and will be arranged around the following themes:


Upcoming events for discussion

6th April 2022

Welcome and discussions around Passover

4th May 2022

Yom Ha'atzamut

1st June 2022 


6th July 2022

Relevance of food in Judaism

3rd August 2022

Tu b’Av

7th September 2022

Rosh ha’Shanah

Date to be confirmed nearer the time

Yom Kippur

2nd November 2022

Succoth and Simchat Torah

7th December 2022


4th January 2023

Fast of Tevet 10

1st February 2023

Tu b'Shevat

1st March 2023



Please let me know if you can make so I can order the correct amount of nibbles and wine!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Carolanne Israel

07722 044831