New Israel Fund has an active appeal "Help bridge the divide" to support a three point plan.

1. To reinforce our partners and projects working for shared society and against racism—today and for the long-term. Groups like Sikkuy and Givat Haviva have built relationships and trusted programmes over years. Now is when they need a new level of capacity to repair what’s being broken.

2. To respond swiftly to urgent requests to meet emerging needs at this moment, from supporting pop-up vigils and demonstrations, to neighborhood watches to keep communities safe, to legal aid and more. For example, we are supporting Standing Together (Omdim Beyachad) and the hundreds of Jewish-Arab vigils they have been organising across the country.

3. To identify and support activists and organisations at the grassroots with a new one million Shekel fund. While some leaders seem intent on widening the divides between neighbours, we know there are a lot of people out there looking to bridge them. We have launched a call for initiatives that help keep communities safe, rebuild trusting relationships between neighbours and re-inspire a vision for a shared future. The funding for this work is coming from donors in Israel and the diaspora.