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The current position of the Rabbinic recruitment working party (abbreviated as RRWP) is that the advertisement for the Rabbinic post has been published with a closing date of 31st May. For budgetary reasons we are currently searching for a Rabbi who is already eligible to work in the UK.

Next steps would include short-listing, interviews, and observations. Unlike in the past, it will not be possible to invite candidates to lead services and study sessions at Sinai. This is due to confidentiality reasons a nd has been recommended by The Assembly of Reform Rabbis & Cantors and the Movement for Reform Judaism. At present, the national demand for Progressive Rabbis significantly exceeds the supply. It is quite possible that our initial efforts will not result in a suitable candidate for the post. Other UK congregations have had such experiences with some taking several years to appoint a Rabbi. RRWP is currently considering all options in the event that we do not find a suitable candidate this time around.

We have been consulting with the Sinai community and received a great response so far. Members have contributed suggestions for the job description and person specification and these were included in the advertising stage. Members also sent in suggestions for interview questions which has given us great insight into people's concerns. Thank you to everyone, including our young people, for their contributions and we look forward to including you as the process continues. Please continue to share your thoughts by emailing RRWP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .