Commencing Shabbat Acharei Mot (23rd April) all Friday evening and Shabbat morning services will be available via Zoom and YouTube in addition to this website.

From that date a full spoken Kaddish will be included in every service. If you are marking a Yahrzeit or wish to say Kaddish for any reason, please join the service either on Zoom or on the streaming connection via YouTube and this website. Kiddush will also be celebrated after each service.

There will be no separate Zoom Kaddish and Kiddush sessions and it is anticipated that Shabbat morning services will conclude at 12 noon. For those wishing to chat afterwards, we suggest joining the Zoom session which will continue for about 30 minutes after each Shabbat morning service.

The links for each service can be found in the Calendar and the passcodes will be in your weekly newsletter. (Please note that the Zoom links and codes for Shabbat evening and morning services are different)