We are hoping we will be able to build a succah at the synagogue this year, but even if we do, we will not be able to gather there as a community to celebrate the festival as in previous years. So why not make this the year you build your own? It is really not that hard, so if you have any outside space, we challenge you to have a go!

Those of us who have built one before would love to support you! There is of course loads of advice online, but we will be posting our own ‘How to’ ideas and tips on the shul website soon and hope to see photos of your succah and your family celebrating it on the face book page and eventually in the next edition of the Chronicle.

It is traditional to start building your Succah immediately after Yom Kippur, (28th September this year,) ready for the start of the festival 5 days later, so let’s start planning now! Good Luck!