Did you read about the succah challenge in the chronicle? Or did you see the poster in your Goody bag? Have you built one? We would love to see pictures of it and your family celebrating in it if you have!

Please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be included in the newsletter, Facebook page and the Chronicle. If you haven’t heard anything about the Great Sinai Succah Challenge then please read on.

Yes, we have actually built the Sinai Succah this year after all but obviously we will not be able to gather there as a community to celebrate the festival as in previous years. So why not make this the year you build your own? It is really not that hard, so if you have any outside space, we challenge you to have a go!

Those of us who have built one before would love to support you! There is of course loads of advice online, and there are a few ideas in the videos here to maybe get you going.

It is traditional to start building your Succah immediately after Yom Kippur, ready for the start of the festival 5 days later, but if you haven’t had time to start yet don’t worry. It could be a lovely activity to do with your family this Sunday.

Hag Succot Sameach!