Based on today's learning about Bereshit and our *relationship with the rest of creation, we decided to take part joining with other individuals and community groups in the #billionseedchallenge before COP 26 (in November). The UK has been challenged to plant a billion seeds with our communities. Together, we can show that people from all walks of life want to celebrate our environment. Please can YOU join us so collectively we can make a bigger difference?

We know that gratitude and celebration are good, we also know it is just the beginning. The reason that we joining in with the Billion Seed Challenge is because looking after the environment is too big a job if we do it by ourselves, and communities and people working together has a much better chance of making a positive difference. This will help us practice coming together.

The Billion Seed challenge is being organised by a a coalition of people and organisations that aim is to build kinder, closer and more connected communities by bringing people together and bridging divides - which is also one of aims of the Shabbat Adventurers' Guild as well. We suspect that this is also the best way to face challenges that lie ahead.

Sarah Glatherine
Shabbat Adventurers' Guild facilitator

PS If you can also help me work out how to show someone how big a billion is, that would also be great! I managed 100,000 so far, and that was a stretch...