As you know the Board has entrusted us with the sacred task of recruiting our next spiritual leader. Upon reaching the closing date on 31 May we are delighted to be able to share with you that we have received a strong application for the post of rabbi for Sinai synagogue.

We are keen to progress to interview with this candidate and on completion of the interview process we shall decide whether to make a recommendation to the Board or to re-advertise the post.

We understand that you all have questions and are naturally curious who the candidate is. As we explained at the AGM there is a very clear recommendation from MRJ that the recruitment process remain confidential for the sake of the candidate. Do know that we as a group feel the weight of this responsibility and are working well together to create a process that is robust, fair, meets the aims of Sinai Synagogue and of course incudes the questions we have sought from a cross-section of our community. Please support us in our work by not asking us to break confidentiality and by not speculating who the candidate might be.

We shall continue to update you all through the process and appreciate the trust you have put in us.