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It is now the right time for Sinai, as a community, to move to the next phase of protecting us all. As such, we will now be closing the Synagogue to all but essential staff, and occasional volunteer presence.

The life of the Sinai community will most certainly be carrying on. Our services will still be streaming each Friday evening and Saturday morning. You can find the link here.

We are beginning to plan how we can stream a Seder service on Wednesday 8 April so that even though we can't all be there in person, we can virtually. More details to follow.

Gwynneth and Naomi are also seeking ways that they can bring fun, singing, activities and education to our young people. We only started talking about this yesterday, so bear with us as we develop plans.

And as I type this message, members are looking into ways of providing daily snippets and sessions of Sinai life and Jewish inspiration to keep us all connected through the days and weeks ahead. Again, details to follow.

And no-one, no-one, should feel isolated or cut off from the Sinai family. If you need any help, someone to talk to, a virtual coffee or anything else, please click here and we will do our level best to help.

Times like this can bring out the very best in any community. Every time Sinai has faced challenges over the years it has risen to, and exceeded, the occasion. This time will be no different.

David J Israel
Chair, Sinai Synagogue