High Holy Days Appeal

You can also donate by cheque made out to 'Sinai Leeds' and please indicate in a note that it is for the High Holy Day Appeal.

This Rosh Hashanah, we will hope and pray for a better year ahead, one in which we are able to lead our Jewish lives to the full.

The volunteers and staff of CST, Community Security Trust, will do everything that we can to help ensure that antisemitism does not interfere with our Jewish lives. We do this all year, every year. We do it with your help and cooperation. We thank you.

This May, when Israel was at war, many British Jews saw the sad extent to which antisemitism is still a problem. This Jew-hatred changes over time, but it never disappears. It did not end with the Holocaust, nor with the creation of Israel: and this is why CST still does its work, in close partnership with shuls, schools and Jewish organisations throughout the country.

The antisemitism came in many forms. Schoolchildren and university students felt it from those they had thought were their friends. Cars bearing Palestinian flags were aggressively driven through Jewish neighbourhoods, with drivers and passengers shouting abuse at people in the street. Demonstrations have included Jihadi battle cries against Jews.

In recent months, CST has given numerous reports to the police that have led to arrests and prosecutions for antisemitic behaviour. This was partly due to information reported to us from Jewish members of the public, as well as our own specialist research work. This is the side of CST’s protection that goes largely unseen, whereas our physical security is much more obvious.

Both sides of CST’s work depend upon you playing your part: the security and the research. So please, keep reporting antisemitism to CST and keep supporting us in our security work. We will continue to always work in partnership with our shuls and communities.

May all of you and your families and friends have a sweet new year.