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Conversion to Judaism is an ancient and respected avenue to enter the Jewish community and 'Jews by choice' share the same status, obligations and rights as Jews by birth. 

Reform Judaism welcomes converts and supports them in their learning and growth as Jews through study, communal involvement and pastoral support. 

The decision to convert to Judaism can be prompted by a number of things: friendship with a Jew, having learned about Judaism, or coming to appreciate a religious tradition with strong cultural roots and a life-affirming ethos. We encourage prospective converts to come to the Synagogue for prayer and community and to meet with a Rabbi to assess their religious needs and commitments.

Reform Judaism rejoices in strengthening our Jewish communities by those who join us but does not regard conversion to Judaism as a prerequisite for individual ‘salvation’ and respects the multiple covenants through which different faith traditions serve God. Conversion is a serious, joyful, life-altering choice and we seek to make the path to conversion personally transformative, intellectually engaging and emotionally fulfilling as well as ensuring it is the right choice for the individual considering conversion. 

If you wish to explore conversion, please make an appointment with our Rabbi through the Synagogue Office or contact Rabbi Paul Strasko directly.

Introduction to Judaism Programme Resources

Current students of the Introduction to Judaism programme can download the course material through the Members-Only section of the website. Please log in, return to this section and you will find the material for download in PDF format.

The programme currently used by Sinai Synagogue is the Miller Introduction to Judaism Programme, based at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, United States. The material is made available for students' personal use only. Please respect the copyright of the material and do not copy, circulate or distribute without prior permission. 

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