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High Holy Day Tickets 2019



  1. Free tickets are available to relatives of our members who are either members of another synagogue (whether Reform or not), or who are not Jewish, so that families can pray together at the HHDs.


  1. For relatives who are not members of another synagogue but would be eligible for Sinai membership, a free ticket is given in the first year only*. In the second and subsequent years a charge of approximately 20% of the standard membership fee is made per ticket**. This charge is refunded if the individual subsequently joins Sinai within the year.


  1. Free visitor tickets are available to any member of another Reform or Liberal synagogue within the UK or any World Union of Progressive Judaism congregation outside the UK.


  1. Free places are available for all those who are on or waiting to go on the Introduction to Judaism course (status to be confirmed by Sinai’s Rabbi).


  1. Free places for all students studying within our catchment area, irrespective of whether they are members of other synagogues. Tickets are available centrally through Jeneration for every year that they are students.


  1. The charge is for adults only – there is no charge for children (aged 18 or under) of adults who are attending.


* Ex-members of Sinai do not qualify for a free year.

** The standard membership fee is the rate charged to a regular adult member. No age-related discounts apply for the cost of High Holyday tickets. For some younger members, it will be cheaper for them to become full members of the Synagogue than to purchase a High Holyday ticket.

For 2019 the cost of a High Holyday ticket will be £75.00

For more information please contact the synagogue office.


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