'Repair of the World' We recognise the need to take responsibility for the world as central to living a full Jewish life by:

  • taking action to make a positive difference to society
  • building a just society, community and world
  • making our communities better places
  • recognising we have a responsibility to speak out against injustice and to support those in need.

'Learning' at Sinai is about providing the resources to make informed decisions through asking questions and searching for answers by:

  • seeking the most engaging and inspiring learning resources for the community
  • providing a frame of reference for living a progressive Jewish life
  • enabling shared communal experiences
  • studying heritage, tradition and stories
  • providing learning resources accessible to all.

'Prayer' at Sinai helps people find a relevant environment for exploring their relationships with God and Judaism in today’s world by:

  • connecting with our Jewish tradition and beliefs in a relevant and meaningful way
  • creating an engaging space to mark Shabbat and other sacred times
  • encouraging a personal and communal spiritual experience
  • helping people to reflect on their lives and the world around them
  • providing comfort to those seeking it.

'Holy Community'  - is at the heart of Sinai Synagogue. Our vision is to be a thriving progressive Kehillah Kedosha founded on the values of:

  • Tefillah - Prayer
  • Limmud - Learning
  • Tikkun Olam - Repair of the World
  • Through the core values we will:
    • encourage community building by being welcoming, empowering our members and ensuring they feel safe and valued. Through keruv (openness) we aspire to be a growing and inclusive community;
    • recognise the individuality of our members and value the diverse community this creates;
    • strive to be the voice of Reform Judaism in the many different communities of which we are part.