It is with enormous pride that we have been given this book, the story of Ruth Grant. 

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Sinai provides a home for one of 1,564 Czech Scrolls that were rescued from communities in Bohemia and Moravia during the Second World War. They were brought to the UK in 1964 to Westminster Synagogue in London.

Our community is firmly embedded in both the wider progressive Jewish world through the Movement for Reform Judaism and the youth movement, RSY-Netzer, allowing us to build valuable connections with like-minded Jewish friends who are passionate about our shared values.

Sinai Synagogue is a progressive synagogue, affiliated to the Movement for Reform Judaism and a member of the European Union of Progressive Judaism and World Union of Progressive Judaism.

As a Reform community, we offer a compelling approach to Jewish life.

Established in 1944 by a small, enthusiastic group with determination and vision, mostly refugees from the Nazis, in the midst of a World War… The Progressive Judaism of today is simultaneously the same and very different from the Progressive Judaism of 1944.

Based on the values of kehillah (community), tefillah (prayer), limmud (learning) and tikkun olam (repair of the world), we offer a wide range of services, events and activities – such as traditional and musical Friday night and Saturday morning services, Shabbat and weekday learning opportunities, community suppers, an Introduction to Judaism programme, social activism supporting various Jewish and non-Jewish causes and wide-ranging cultural activities. 

Sinai Synagogue is a vibrant, inclusive and engaging Reform community serving the Jewish community in the Leeds and surrounding area.

With a membership numbering over 400 households, Sinai Synagogue offers a full and thriving community life catering to the diverse needs of our congregation.