Sinai Synagogue home page

Based on the values of kehillah (community), tefillah (prayer), limmud (learning) and tikkun olam (repair of the world), we offer a wide range of services, events and activities – such as traditional and musical Friday night and Saturday morning services, Shabbat and weekday learning opportunities, community suppers, an Introduction to Judaism programme, social activism supporting various Jewish and non-Jewish causes and wide-ranging cultural activities. 

Sinai Synagogue seeks to provide a meaningful Jewish experience on many levels for all our congregants: families, singles, the elderly, couples of all sexual orientations, youth, teens, interfaith families and Jews-by-choice. We recognise and celebrate the natural diversity that is part of our community and feel that this strengthens us, rooting us in modern life. Our accessible and inclusive services, whether based on the rich heritage of our Hebrew and English liturgy or inspired by contemporary music, seek to provide an uplifting experience for all. 

Our adult learning programmes encourage invigorating debate and profound questioning as we seek to make sense of our lives through a Jewish lens. Our "Introduction to Judaism" programme offers inspired learning for Jews who want to know more about their heritage and those interested in converting to Judaism. Our rabbinic and lay-led learning opens up the Jewish tradition through study lunches and evening events. Empowering our congregants through learning and prayer , we seek to take you on an incredible Jewish journey!

And of course we don’t forget our children! Our Religion School, B’nei Mitzvah programme and Youth activities engage children of all ages: from the tiniest ones at our welcoming ShabbaTots and Torah Time programming to young adults linked to RSY-Netzer youth leadership.