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Vigil for Israeli hostages, Sunday 22nd October 12 Noon. Leeds city centre location.

A group of Israeli families living in Leeds, with support from the Jewish Representative Council and CST, have organised a vigil for those abducted by Hamas during the 7th October attacks in Israel.  All are welcome to attend - Israeli or not; Jewish or not.

The families ask only that you offer support and solidarity and recognise that those taken hostage come from many different backgrounds and political views. The vigil will be a safe environment where diversity will be respected.

There will be moments of silence, prayers, and the public reading of the names of all those we know have been killed or injured. We will acknowledge and mourn their loss and offer our thoughts and our feelings to their families.

Please register your attendance via Eventbrite and you will be emailed the location nearer the time.

Additional Guidelines

  1. There will be no calls for violence, and no expressions of hatred or racism. That is not who, or what, we are. 
  2. You are welcome to bring signs or props that express your views and feelings, but there can be no messages directed against individual citizens, or (to repeat) calls for violent, hateful or racist messages in any form. 
  3. This is not about politicians or public representatives (in Israel or in the UK). It is not a political rally. 
  4. We will refrain from graphic descriptions (visual or oral) of the horrific incidents. Children may be in attendance and it is inappropriate to display images without the express permission of a bereaved family. 
  5. We will avoid any confrontations with passers-by. If people wish to engage then we will engage with them. If they wish to jeer, to express racist views, or to shout, the police will deal with them. 
  6. We will follow all instructions from the police, and respect the public space we are in. In the unlikely event that people choose to breach the standards, they will be asked to leave.