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As we approach our second Pesach in lockdown, the story of a people’s journey to freedom has a special resonance.

This last year has not been an easy time for anyone and we have all missed family, friends and the community. Now, we have the additional sadness of Rabbi Strasko and Katrin leaving us. They have both contributed such an exceptional amount to Sinai’s life, at the hardest of times. I am sure you all join me in wishing them success, health and happiness in their future.

So much has shone through this last year: we can be proud we continued to hold services every week; we have shared many community activities, often led by members themselves; and found new and innovative ways of connecting with each other, of welcoming visitors and new members.

This year, thanks to Griselda Pollock and Tony Bryant, we invite you to join our virtual, communal seder which promises to be fun, educational and, no doubt, surprising. Look out in the weekly eNewsletter for details of how to join this event.

Now, as the days are getting longer, spring shoots are appearing and lockdown restrictions are easing, we can look forward to being able to meet again in person and continue to enjoy our wonderful synagogue family.

In the meantime, on behalf of Carolanne, Yafeh and all the Sinai trustees, I wish each of you chag kasher v’sameach Pesach and good health.