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After an almost 10 year break, we decided it was high time to offer again Reform Judaism's fabulous L'Chaim adult learning programme.

Becky Teiger wrote this nearly 10 years ago, reflecting on how powerful the course was for her:

"I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you too much about the course. But as a quick taster for you, L’Chaim is based around 3 key concepts – wisdom, community and holiness. For two hours each week we struggled with definitions; engaged with texts, both ancient and modern; and grappled with real life dilemmas. Right from the outset, the course facilitators created a climate where we were comfortable to voice our wide-ranging opinions, challenge one other and express some uncomfortable and deep-seated doubts. Real connections were made over decent coffee and homemade cake....

It is hard to put into words quite how much the course has done for me - reconnected me with a community I had barely visited for some time; provided a safe place where I could relax and share (mostly cake!) with likeminded friends; helped me rediscover and articulate my "inner voice" - the impact of the course has, for me, gone so far beyond its original remit. L'Chaim has enriched me and restored my faith in myself, my love for community and my commitment to offer what skills I have to support and contribute to Sinai's future"

Fast forward 9 years and the course did something else for me; forged a deep and meaningful connection with another participant by the name of Simon Marcus...... I think some of you know how this story ends but, reader, I married him!! And Harry's Hebrew name is Chaim....

Whilst I can't promise you all the same (!) I can promise a wonderful learning opportunity and the chance to deepen friendships, reconnect with community and learn with 2 wonderful facilitators, our very own Jonathan Lewis and Helen Michael. Oh, and did I mention, lunch is included?!

Please book using the following link: L'Chaim