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The Rabbinic Recruitment Working Party, (RRWP) advised by Becky Teiger (Community Outreach Manager), and MRJ’s Sarita Robinson, has been making great progress over the last few weeks.

We are now very close to publishing the advertisement in the next week or so. The advertisement will be accompanied by a pack for applicants which will include information about the role, Sinai Synagogue, and the city of Leeds. The application period will close shortly after Pesach and we will then move to the selection stages.

The selection stages will include interviews and RRWP members observing the candidates leading services. The decision to make an offer will be taken by the board following a recommendation by the RRWP. We will be keeping members up to speed with progress as we move forward.

We are grateful to all members who have given us their views. It is not too late for us to receive your comments, which we can take into consideration at the selection and interview stages. Please send any comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

RRWP members are Tony Bryant, Kerr Hunter, Megan Hydes, Jonathan Lewis, Melissa Miltz, Rebecca Noble, and Josephine Woolfson.