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Thanks to all members of your congregation for your donation of toiletries, this is very kind of you.

We have had a very busy start to 2023 supporting single people, couples and families with children, living in Leeds while awaiting a decision on an asylum claim. Every week we reach capacity and are forced to turn people away until the following week.

We were pleased to hear that in December 2022 the High Court ordered the Home Office to increase Asylum Support, the allowance given to people seeking asylum. But the increase was by only 60p per day, from £40.85 per week to £45 per week, meaning Asylum Support is nowhere near enough to live on.

People seeking asylum continue to be banned from working so are forced to survive on this meagre amount of money. As essential items have gradually risen in price over the last few years and rocketed in price over the last few months, Asylum Support rates have barely risen, pushing people seeking asylum further and further into poverty.

More and more people seeking asylum are accessing PAFRAS for food and toiletries. We distribute around 70 food parcels a week - almost entirely made up out of donations from our supporters. We couldn't provide our vital services without the support of our fabulous donors and supporters.

We have active social media accounts so please follow us to see what we're up to! If you would like any further information about the work we do then please do get in touch with our Director, Karen Pearse, who will only be too happy to help: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To subscribe to our newsletter, please visit our website and go to ‘subscribe’ at the bottom of the page. To read our latest newsletter, please follow this link:

Thanks again for your donations and your support.

Warm wishes,