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By now you will have read the news that our Community Director, Becky Teiger will be moving on to a new role as Deputy CEO at LJWB in March. She will, of course, remain at Sinai as an active member.

It is inevitable that this will mean some changes is how things operate at Sinai - please take a moment this week to consider what role YOU wish to take in helping to ensure our amazing community is able to navigate this change as smoothly as possible. Perhaps you can join a committee to support life long learning, family provision, our building project, or become a Warden? Can you step up to support event planning? Offer to tidy up after an event? Could you offer a security shift for one-off activities, or to serve teas and coffees, even if you can't commit regularly?

Every one of us has something to offer into our community, whatever our skills, interests or life skills - please speak to Becky using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore what role you want to play in continuing to build our Sinai family - thank you x