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For thousands of years, Judaism has recognised the birth of a baby as a joyous occasion and welcomed new life into the Jewish covenant with rituals and blessing. 

The Movement for Reform Judaism provides medically trained and qualified mohalim (circumcisers) to officiate at Brit Milah (circumcision) ceremonies.

Reform Judaism also celebrates the birth of baby girls on equal footing with that of baby boys and has crafted welcoming ceremonies (known as ‘Simchat Bat’, the ‘Joy of a Daughter’) for baby girls. Rabbinic support is available to help you craft such a ceremony for your daughter. Both ceremonies tend to be held privately at home. 

Baby Blessing

Reform Judaism also offers the possibility of performing a public baby blessing when the infant is a little older (between 6 months and a year) allowing the parents to celebrate with the congregation at a time of their convenience. This is a short but moving ceremony in front of the Ark where the child’s Hebrew name is announced and the parents thank God for the child’s arrival. If the parents choose, they can sponsor a Kiddush (a light lunch after the service). 

If you want more information about (or rabbinic support for) a Brit Milah, a Simchat Bat or a Baby Blessing (including the option of sponsoring a Kiddush), please contact the Synagogue Office.