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Few moments carry as much meaning in an individual’s life than the commitment of marriage. Judaism deeply values the faithful companionship of marriage and our community rejoices in the creation of a ‘bayit ne’eman b’Yisrael’ – a new family among the Jewish people. 

Cantor Rachel Weston officiates at both opposite-sex and same-sex religious unions, in line with the position of the Movement for Reform Judaism and seeks to make the marriage ceremony personal, intimate and religiously relevant to the couple. We offer a traditional-yet-egalitarian chuppah (wedding ceremony) that includes both people as equal partners in the proceedings. 

Due to a historic legal requirement, Sinai Synagogue requires one of the couple to join the Synagogue before the marriage can be contracted. We also strongly recommend to pre-register your marriage as soon as you have selected your date, since a marriage needs to be pre-registered at least 28 days in advance of the date.

Cantor Rachel Weston would be delighted to meet with you to help craft your ceremony and explore Reform Jewish values of marriage and relationship. We do not officiate at mixed faith ceremonies but are happy to refer couples to rabbinic colleagues who do. If the non-Jewish partner is considering conversion, please see the information on Conversion to Judaism.