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Good morning. Assalamu alaikum. I bring greetings of peace. Mazel tov to the couple and your families and what a beautiful celebration it is of your new life together. The Imam Qari Asim, who's also an Imam in Leeds would have been here today also, but he's unfortunately traveling in Leeds.

So he also sends his love. And prayers to all of you. And I really thank you for your hospitality today and the beautiful welcome to me and my daughter, Samaya. We're actually on an open day to Leeds university here today, but I really felt like I wanted to come to the synagogue this morning and just be with you all really.

So I wanted to come and express my solidarity one week on from the massacres in Israel. I come as a parent, as your sister, and as a friend.

Sorry. I know that so many of you feel scared, and this week has been so tough for everyone. In the Jewish community here and around the world, your pain is my pain.

The cycles of violence are going to get worse, we know that. And I believe in a loving and merciful God, and I continue to pray for you all that your pain is eased. Please know that you have your, you have friends and supporters among UK Muslims, Christians and people of all faiths and none. And we will stand by with love and support as and when you need it.

There are no easy or quick answers to any of this, but let's stand together in love and solidarity as friends and as cousins in faith.

Thank you.

Julie Siddiqi