For the time being we will continue to hold FRIDAY evening services online – via Zoom only.

Normal Shabbat morning services will be hybrid; you may attend in person or via the Sinai streaming link. There is no need to book, but we will ask you to sign in on the day.

There are however a number of Shabbat services where special arrangements will be in place – the first of these will be SATURDAY 18 DECEMBER – details will be posted on the website.

We have in place a host of measures to ensure the safety and protection of all those involved, some of which may seem excessive and cumbersome. In line with Pikuach Nefesh these remain in force and need to be followed by all those attending services.

Do not attend services if you have any new cough or fever or have been notified via UK track and trace that you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. If you appear ill in any way when you arrive, security has the right to deny entry. If you have any doubts or questions, please stay safe at home.

Masks are to be worn beginning before entry into the Sinai building and remain on for the entire time.

If you have an exemption from mask wearing you need to bring notification of this when you attend the service. We also ask that you strictly limit your movement within Sinai and remain highly conscientious of others.

Hand sanitizing stations are placed at entry points and throughout the building. Please be overly cautious and sanitize whenever passing a station. We also recommend you bring your own hand sanitizer so you do not have to move around in order to find a station if you are in need.

Please follow any additional instruction or direction given at any time by security, or those on duty in any capacity. We never wish to shame anyone in public, but if there is something happening that jeopardizes any of our safety measures, we will need to ask you to comply with out verbal requests.

Please read and follow all signs pertaining to COVID safety within the building.

Entry will be through the main Sinai entrance into the lobby. If you are in the car park or pedestrian entry and see another group getting ready to enter, please wait until that group has been checked in and then directed to their seats.

You will be asked to provide track and trace information (name and phone contact.)

There are arrows on the floor that direct you in and out of the Beit Knesset should you need to use the restrooms.

Please re-open all cubicle or room doors in the restrooms when you are finished so that the HEPA filters can filter the air and keep the environment safe.

Please return via the arrow path to your assigned seats in the Beit Knesset.

Singing and replying are normal and expected parts of Jewish services. Some responses such as “Yehei shemei Rabbah” in the Kaddish are traditionally even shouted. Because of how COVID is transmitted, however, we ask that all singing and replying be done no louder than normal conversational speaking in order to limit aerosolization.

Do not congregate in the foyer either before, during, or after the service.

Kiddush will be made by the service taker, there will not be any kiddush other than that. We had planned to have more communal forms of kiddush beginning this month, but this is now in abeyance given the emergence of the new variant.

 At the conclusion of the service please remain in your seats until instructed to leave by the person on duty.

The exit back to the car park will be via the double-doors to the wheelchair ramp, please maintain social distancing when leaving.

Please note that in choosing to attend a service at Sinai, you are agreeing to comply with current government regulations and taking all possible precautions. We are in the midst of a global pandemic that is spread via asymptomatic carriers. If you choose to attend, you do so at your own risk understanding that there will be some level of COVID risk for the foreseeable future.