When we pray together in-person we are naturally aware of each other. We notice who looks well, happy, sad or ill, even while we are saying the same words of our communal prayers. How can we restore something of that personal empathy in our online services where we are mostly invisible to each other? I am leading the on-line Friday night services this week and next (24 & 31 Dec).

As an experiment, I invite you to send me single words or short phrases on the following topics.

  • What brings the spirit of Shabbat into your home, or into your heart?
  • What positive, optimistic things have happened this week, for you and the world?
  • Name something you did this week that reflected your Jewish principles or beliefs.
  • Name something you aspire to do next week that reflects your Jewish principles or beliefs.

Send your personal contributions for the Friday night on-line services (24 & 31 Dec) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will include your thoughts, anonymously, in our Friday night on-line services, to help create some sense of being together. I look forward to feeling the community beside me in our prayers.