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Our initial pilot has been very successful, working to make Sinai a Jewish community that sings together in prayer, where every voice is welcome, finding its unique space to participate.

So far we have:

  • regularly met at 9:30am before the Saturday morning services
  • sometimes met after the Shabbat morning service
  • shared song sheets and recordings, sent out by email, for home use and for those who can't attend in person
  • learnt tunes specially requested by the service leader to enliven their service eg Adon Olam to the tune of "On Ilka Moor Bat 'at"
  • taught each other new tunes to bring to the congregation eg a very popular call and response Adon Olam
  • practiced tunes for upcoming festivals
  • supported our service leaders throughout Shabbats and High Holy Days by sitting amongst the congregation, giving a strong lead in congregational singing and responses, encouraging those around us to join in actively. This is hugely appreciated by both service leaders and congregants who are all noticing the lift this brings to service ruach.
  • created accessible opportunities for individuals to share their special talents eg enabling our oldest choral tenor to sing in a 4 part harmony ensemble on Yom Kippur, and introducing joyous fiddle playing to our Sukkah building party.

What happens next is in your hands.

Why is Sinai Voices worthwhile to you: an entry point to participating in services; an entry point to singing; deepening your knowledge and engagement; lifting the ruach in our services; giving musical expression to your Jewish identity; having a Jewish outlet for your musical life?

When are you able to attend Sinai Voices sessions and services: Friday nights; Saturday mornings; early/late; other days of the week?

How would you like to learn/share with Sinai Voices: follow a leader; be a leader; learn to lead; share collaboratively?

What would you like to learn/share/undertake with Sinai Voices?

Any other thoughts, suggestions, observations?

Please respond, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by Tuesday 25th October.