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The shofar video that wins the internet

Hi, everybody. My name is David Israel. I'm chair of Sinai of very proud Chair of Sinai synagogue as you'll hear soon. First of all, I wanted to wish everybody who's watching a Shana Tova u'mtukah, a happy and sweet new year in fact both Yafeh and I want to wish you that.

The reason for doing the video today is I wanted to say thank you. So many phenomenal people have created an exceptional set of services for us over Rosh Hashanah the feedback that I have had, personally, from dropping Yafeh off at school, from posts on my personal Facebook, emails, which have come in, comments on Facebook and in other places, has been universally praiseworthy of what we've done.

We had no idea how the high holy day services were going to be received. Having never done anything like this before. So many people have put so much into what was created. But I have to say, firstly, and most obviously, a huge thank you to Rabbi Strasko, who helped to coordinate and put the services together. He has been working for months to put this all together, and he deserves an exceptional amount of praise and it really reinforces the decisions that we took to appoint Rabbi Strasko. To have him lead the services in such a way was is just phenomenal.

I also want to thank our staff Naomi and Heidi and Andy who, either in front of the scenes or behind the scenes have done so much work to help make high holy day services happen.

But not least the the the honey and apple bags that came out to all members. I had such fun delivering them with both the Yafeh and my wife, Carolanne, meeting members in their own house was just wonderful.

In addition, I want to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who in front of and behind the scenes made the high Holy Days happen. If you think that YouTube just happens, if you think there's camera angles, and those cuts change just happen automatically, the choir just appear from nowhere. Think again, there is an amazing amount of work tireless work that's gone on to make that happen.

And the feedback that we've had as a result from current members, from previous members from potential new members, and from people who would not normally consider themselves to be regular, or ever Sinai attendees has been wonderful. And it's one of the privileges I have of chair have been able to receive those.

So what I want to finish on is saying, if you didn't catch any of the services, I want you to go visit the link below this email and have a look at just how one family engaged with part of our service with the shofar blowing in particular, as the rabbi said a post about this certainly won the internet when it went up, go and have a look, spend a minute and a half watching the video and revel in just how exceptional our services have been at Rosh Hashanah.

Very much I hope that this will encourage you to join us on Sunday evening for Kol Nidrei and monday for our services for Yom Kippur. The links are on our website. And I will close with saying G'mar hativa tova, a final and good seal and well over the fast.

Thank you

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