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Sounds too good to be true? Well, there really is no catch!

Starting this Friday, 17th March, and running on every weekday, any Sinai member aged 65 or over is warmly invited to enjoy a free two course, kosher "meaty" meal at the MAZCC Centre on Stonegate Road, LS17 6AZ

All you need to do is say you're from Sinai and there will be NO charge! This is due to generous funding from Leeds City Council, for which we are really grateful.

We are in the process of setting up a team of "hosts" who will meet in the foyer area few minutes before 12pm on set days of the week to "meet and greet" and set up a Sinai table where you can catch up with old friends, meet other members and enjoy a free lunch on us.

We can even cover the cost of taxis if transport is an issue for you; vegetarians, please contact Barney on 07931 386 445 to find out about other food options.

Please also contact Barney if you would like to become a "host" even for a one-off date, we'd really love to make sure this offer reaches as many members as possible.