Did you read about the succah challenge in the chronicle? Or did you see the poster in your Goody bag? Have you built one? We would love to see pictures of it and your family celebrating in it if you have!

A television company called Proper Content are making an exciting new documentary for BBC One exploring how British Jews mark life’s key moments, looking at the celebrations, ceremonies and traditions that take place. 

The shofar video that wins the internet

As this weekend the Jewish community in Leeds like Jewish communities all around the world will be celebrating Rosh Hashana, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and everyone celebrating ‘Shana Tova’.

We are hoping we will be able to build a succah at the synagogue this year, but even if we do, we will not be able to gather there as a community to celebrate the festival as in previous years. So why not make this the year you build your own? It is really not that hard, so if you have any outside space, we challenge you to have a go!

Request for Quotation

Sinai Synagogue, Leeds (Sinai) has received funding from the National Lottery to help us respond to challenges facing our community as a result of the C-19 pandemic, the project is called Sinai Community Outreach (SCO).

Normally, this email would be welcoming you back to a new term at Religion School; sadly, however, so much has been different this year.....and we want to acknowledge how challenging this time has been for all families, whatever your circumstances.

Usually I would be addressing you all from the bimah to remind you about the importance of security and vigilance as we gather for the high holy days. So what makes this year different from all other years? Well, just one thing: I am addressing you all virtually.

For several years we have had the privilege of arranging and taking the Mincha service for YK afternoon. In the early days we were ably assisted by many of the post-bar/batmitzvah group, and in recent years we have incorporated a study session as part of the service.