Commencing Shabbat Acharei Mot (23rd April) all Friday evening and Shabbat morning services will be available via Zoom and YouTube in addition to this website.

The Board of Deputies (BoD) has set up a national special Book of Condolence for members of the UK Jewish community to convey their sympathies at the passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

CST’s work did not stop during 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic. That is because antisemitism, terrorism and extremism continued, adapting to the situation as they so often seem to do. CST’s work must continue, as those threatening to cause harm to our Jewish community persist. 

This time last year I wrote in my Pesach message about the pandemic which had suddenly overtaken all of us and which was already taking a heavy toll on the Jewish community. I am very sad that one year later this terrible virus is still claiming lives in our community and affecting the way we live.

The next census takes place on 21 March. As in 2001 and 2011, it will include an optional question about religion with a ‘Jewish’ response option. Please tick it.

As we approach our second Pesach in lockdown, the story of a people’s journey to freedom has a special resonance.

Please join us for the Sinai Community Seder, hosted by Griselda Pollock and Tony Bryant which, this year, will be available on zoom, youtube and the Sinai website.

We will start at 6.30pm with Havdalah and will then move on to Seder. Everyone is welcome, individuals, families, and larger “bubbles”. 

The Movement for Reform Judaism (RJ) is starting the process for the election of its Deputies to the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The election will take place at a meeting of RJ’s Board of Trustees to be held via Zoom at 6.30pm on Thursday 22nd April.

Marshall & Simon's Pesach Pop-Up Shop in conjunction with Gourmet will be open again this year at the Etz Chaim.

All of our zoom sessions should now be available with Closed Captions. These are generated by AI so they are not 100% perfect and will not work for Hebrew but they are pretty good for English.