Barbara Cline MBE will be interviewing Lord Grade on Feb 24th at a fundraising event for Yorkshire Cancer Research which will take place on Zoom.

Many Sinai members know Braham and Lola and remember the contribution they have made to our community over many years.

It is with great sadness that the trustees of Sinai announce that Rabbi Strasko will be retiring from the community rabbinate in the coming months due to his ill health.

Invitation to join Homeshul, starting this weekend, 10th January

We have some exciting news about Jewish education provision for our primary age children this term.

There are many ways you can boost Sinai's income to help keep us a thriving Jewish community:-

We have reached a tremendous milestone this weekend – we are going to have our first Bat Mitzvah at Sinai since lockdown last March.

Wider society may have decided this festival is the “Jewish Christmas” - but this co-opting of our celebration loses everything about our distinctive tradition and story. What is the real meaning of Chanukah?

"Adding another layer to our "share the light" campaign.

I have made an audio recording of some of the mostly new compositions that I have written since lockdown (and a few before.) For anyone wanting to listen, learn, and maybe practice a few harmonies for when lockdown is over?

Stay healthy, all! 

The "Share the Light" campaign, launching on Mitzvah Day and running until Chanukah (and hopefully beyond!) is a chance to spread a little warmth and comfort, both within and beyond our Sinai community.