Starting on Sunday October 25th, at 3:30pm, for 90 minutes, we will begin a journey together looking back at Jewish history as it fits within human history and discovering together how each of our key texts, rituals, and object have all been part of a clear, logical, and perhaps even beautiful response to the realities of the moment.

If you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on 13 & 14 October, you can make a difference: Simply shop at or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app, and AmazonSmile donates to the shul.

Amazon Smile Day

Friday 9 October marks the beginning of Baby Loss Awareness Week, a time of remembrance for anyone who has experienced the loss of a baby in pregnancy, at or soon after birth, or in infancy.

Following a successful bid for funding, we are delighted to announce that we have appointed Becky Teiger to the role of Sinai Community Outreach consultant. Becky has stepped down from her role as Vice Chair in order to take up this position.

Did you read about the succah challenge in the chronicle? Or did you see the poster in your Goody bag? Have you built one? We would love to see pictures of it and your family celebrating in it if you have!

A television company called Proper Content are making an exciting new documentary for BBC One exploring how British Jews mark life’s key moments, looking at the celebrations, ceremonies and traditions that take place. 

The shofar video that wins the internet

As this weekend the Jewish community in Leeds like Jewish communities all around the world will be celebrating Rosh Hashana, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and everyone celebrating ‘Shana Tova’.

We are hoping we will be able to build a succah at the synagogue this year, but even if we do, we will not be able to gather there as a community to celebrate the festival as in previous years. So why not make this the year you build your own? It is really not that hard, so if you have any outside space, we challenge you to have a go!