As you will all have seen last week, Gwynneth Lewis has been asked to take early retirement from her post as director of education at the end of this month as part of the trustees work to stem the synagogue's inherent budget deficit. Trustees have been discussing how we maintain and build on the foundation and legacy of Gwynneth's work, and the wealth of information and contacts she leaves us with. This will include all the areas of education - young people, adults and the introduction to Judaism course.

As I type this we have passed the landmark of one hundred days of lockdown. In that time we, as a community (not just Sinai, but Leeds, Reform Judaism (RJ) and beyond), have faced up to, overcome and grown through many challenges. I am very proud of how Sinai has risen to the challenges we have faced: better on some, than others. But in every challenge we have learned, adapted and grown. In this letter there is detail around staff changes, membership subscriptions, High Holy Days and funerals. As such, please try to read at least the bits that interest you.

The Zone needs your help to fill the void due to cancelled fundraising events.  To help them continue to support our youth and community, please make a donation by bank transfer to account number 45869553, Sort Code 60-60-05
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Hear Griselda Pollock, Sinai member and winner of The Holberg Prize, on BBC Radio 4, Front Row

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The 2020 AGM is on....

We are looking for lay members who would like to help lead Kaddish and Kiddush.  This is our opportunity to meet together and support our congregants who are marking Yahrzeit.

Do your children fancy the US camp experience from home?

Upcoming Communities that Care ZOOM events at Reform Judaism UK

From July, meetings will be every fortnight; 10th and 24th July and 7th and 21stAugust. 

Two things have happened recently:
WYDAN (West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum Network) passed a proposal at its AGM in March to wind up its operations because of the establishment of regional NACCOM (the NO Accommodation Network) hubs which are designed essentially to be a network of asylum-seeker support organisations. 

As the UK Government has slowly begun to relax guidelines relating to Covid-19, so to have various organisations begun relaxing the most stringent regulations preventing mourners from being present for cremations or burials. As of this past week (1.6.20) the Movement for Reform Judaism in the UK along with the Joint Jewish Burial Society and the Assembly of Reform Rabbis in the UK have all voted to transition away from a strict “no mourner” policy to a slightly relaxed policy of a small amount of mourners made up of immediately family. In accordance with this and the Leeds City Council number of 10 mourners allowed at funerals, Sinai will as well relax our guidelines, but with strict options and conditions.